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Personal Protective Equipment

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“An industry trusted company with 35 years of experience – when you work with Mondetta, rest assured that you are in very capable hands.”

– Ash Modha, Founder & CEO

Mondetta is Winnipeg-based clothing manufacturer with over 35-years of design and production expertise and a broad international supply chain. The Mondetta Frontline Program is a subsidiary service under the Mondetta Canada umbrella, certified with a Medical Device Establishment License (#12390). Our in-house Technical Design and Development Teams work closely with regional health authorities and clinicians to ensure our products meet Health Canada specifications. To date, the Mondetta Frontline Program has delivered millions of units of PPE to health authorities and providers across Canada with a wide-ranging product line.

Headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada – Mondetta has navigated significant change over its 35-year history in business, evolving from a niche clothing startup to an international apparel company with a range of diverse platforms. First introduced as an innovator of globally themed sportswear, Mondetta has grown into an established company of ever-evolving brands and partnerships.

With the sudden and widespread onset of COVID-19, Mondetta saw a unique opportunity to help protect and support healthcare professionals across the country with the creation of the Mondetta Frontline Program. With an innovative and collaborative approach, our team worked diligently with the government and our established global supply-chain partners. After receiving Class I and II medical device establishment licenses from Health Canada, we retooled multiple production factories to make the switch from producing our regular garments to medical-grade gowns and scrubs.

Created to help keep Canadian frontline medical professionals safe by supporting the government with the procurement of vital PPE (personal protective equipment), the program specializes in medical-grade apparel including reusable scrubs, disposable gowns, reusable gowns, disposable gloves, sheets and towels.


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